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                    Take Turns!!! - Business Cooperation Advances Production

One beautiful sunny summer morning I walked out into our backyard.  There in the neighbor’s sandbox is my five year old daughter and her friend that lives right next door.  As I get closer I can see there is some commotion.  Each of them is holding onto an end of the same plastic toy sand shovel, tugging it back and forth between them and they are irritated with each other.  Then I hear my daughter say “Share” while her friend is saying “Take turns!”

Obviously they were both correct but still at an impasse.  Dad stepped in and my advice was they work as a team that way they could “Share” and “Take turns”.  Luckily at five years old they bought into it.

I’ve thought about this incident many times in business and in life.  There are lots of circumstances that arise where we may be right but that doesn’t resolve the issue.  We have to move beyond being right to get to a useful and as fair as possible solution.  Be creative and move beyond the impasse by working together!


"The keystone of successful business is cooperation.  Friction retards progress."
                                                                                                                         J. C. Penney

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