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It was September  and I had just arrived home from being at an auto auction all day.  No one was home which was odd.  My son came rushing through the door “Dad there has been a fire at the clothing store! Mom sent me to get you.”  My first question was is everyone all right?  No one was hurt.  My son told me on the way down that the fire department was there and put out the fire.  The building was a pre-stressed concrete building and the only wood in the building was the framed in bathrooms and dressing rooms, guess where the fire started.  It was determined the next day that a vent fan in one of the bathrooms had caught on fire.

When it was said and done every stitch of clothing was ruined from smoke damage.  We were loaded to the hilt for the fall selling season with outerwear.  Not fortuitous timing.  September through December was our  big sales season.  So here is a game changer no income from the clothing store overnight.  We did have business interruption insurance and the inventory and building were insured.  As it turned out our insurance company lived up to their level of incompetence and thievery.  It took fourteen months to get paid anything on business interruption and the state’s attorney general had to get involved.  We did get our money to the penny, exactly what I told them I would settle for five days after the fire.  

The Good News!!  Our suppliers were wonderful.  Right away I was on the phone keeping them informed as to what happened and that we would be late in making some payments.  Everyone and I mean every supplier was fine with that knowing we were insured.  Over the following months our two biggest vendors, Columbia Sportswear and Adidas never called, they told me initially just pay us when you can pay us.  We had never been late on a payment up to this point.  I was calling them every 30 days keeping them apprised of the situation.  

We were hoping to open in the spring but insurance delays ruined that.  When I talked to Adidas about canceling the spring orders their response was “Is there a chance you will need this merchandise?”  Yes, If we can get open.  They told me they would hold the orders for us and if we needed them great and if not don’t worry.  They were willing to hold merchandise for us to the point that if we didn’t take it I was worried they would be taking a hit on it so late in the season.

We were a nice size account but not anywhere near being a big account of Adidas but they treated us like we were their most important.


Customer Service - Loyalty

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Our suppliers really came through as winners!!
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