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Are You Using Spiffs?

Every retail operation ends up with some products that just don’t sell the way we hoped they would.  We’re approaching the time when we have had them in inventory too long and have to do something to move them through the system.  Before taking the markdown why not put a sales spiff on the item for the sales personnel?  I would rather pay my sales people more when possible if they could sell the item at full price than take the markdown right away.  A sales spiff generates excitement and enthusiasm among the staff.  On top of the spiff I often would make a contest out of who could sell the most of a particular item amongst the staff.  That person would get something extra on top of the spiff plus special recognition at the end of the shift.

The interesting thing with making a contest out of who could sell the most was that if we did this on the weekends the full-time staff did not want to be outdone by the part-timers.   Which made it all the more fun!!!


"Career Growth - Business Growth"