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            Ben’s Eagle Goal- Organization Leads the Way to Your Final Goal

I was a scoutmaster for a number of years. This particular evening I was meeting with John and his son Ben at my home.  Ben had recently achieved the rank of Star Scout and had decided that he really wanted to become and Eagle Scout.  They were there to have me assist in laying out a plan setting goals  so Ben could successfully complete all the requirements for Eagle.  Ben was just shy of sixteen and all the requirements for Eagle had to be complete before he was eighteen.

So Ben had to earn 15 more merit badges, advance to the next rank of Life Scout and be a Life Scout for six months before being awarded Eagle.  In addition while he was a Life Scout he had to hold a position as a troop officer such as Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader etc.  Ben also had to complete a separate project that would benefit an organization other than scouts, it could be a church, school or community and had to be approved by the Boy Scout Council.  Ben had to demonstrate leadership while having other scouts help with the service project.

Ben, his father John and I mapped out a plan that would be completed in eighteen months leaving a cushion of six months on the end.  Ben would be going to summer camp twice before his deadline so we picked six merit badges he could earn at camp.  That left nine to be earned in eighteen months.  We then set up a schedule with deadlines for earning the remaining nine merit badges.  Scheduled when to send in plans for the Eagle project to get Council approval.

Ben got to work and really stayed on task, got elected Senior Patrol Leader and did renovations at the Lutheran Church’s summer camp for his project.  One of the renovations was on the camp fire ring, cleaning it up and putting in new log benches.  He and his crew of scouts had it looking great!

It was very rewarding to be able to present Ben his Eagle Scout award.

When taking on a project or setting Goals.  Set an important goal.  Put a specific plan in place with deadlines along the way.  Have a mentor.  Have support from family, friend, spouse or supervisor.


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