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Can’t Hear or See as Well

Earlier I wrote an article “Correct a Little”.  Part of that management advice  I received went “See everything, overlook a lot, correct a little”.  For years I was a Boy Scout leader, involved in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts including four years as Troop Scoutmaster.  For ten years in a row I went with the scouts to summer camp, yes it did teach me patience.  At one of the Court of Honor scout meetings this was brought up.  After the meeting I was talking to the parents and one mentioned how challenging it must be.  My response was “It gets easier as I get older, because I can’t hear or see as well”!   We laughed.  Over the years the scouts taught me not only patience but how to really put into practice “Overlook a lot”.  In the early years I was a little more of a disciplinarian than need be.  Over time I took the attitude if the scouts are safe and not hurting themselves or anyone else it is probably ok.  It made for a more enjoyable time for the scouts and their leaders.
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