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Can You Paint a Picture? - Selling With Loads of Imagination!!

My wife can make something out of nothing!  Well just about.  When decorating a room or laying out a garden she has a great eye.  What would be considered a drab room with a little paint and a few simple decorating touches she can make it look like it came out of Better Homes and Gardens.

A good number of people cannot see beyond the appearance in front of them.  That is where you as a sales professional have to learn to paint.  The first house I bought years ago had been on the market for a long time.  It had a good floor plan was solidly built on a beautiful lot.  What was keeping it from selling?  The interior colors and color schemes were atrocious.  We were able to look beyond the interior colors and picture what it could look like after being gone over.  Regretfully our realtor didn’t paint the picture for us.  Luckily we were able to do our own painting.  

Painting the picture for your customers holds true no matter what you are selling.  Suppose we had been told:  If you paint these two walls of this room a lighter color it will cheer things up in here and make the room look much bigger.  This family room is great with a view of the backyard you can see the kids playing.  This is one of the few neighborhoods in town that does not have an alley in the back so all the yards adjoin it is great for the kids not having to worry about cars and is one big playground.  You know you could put a sliding door here in the family room and open this up to the back with a deck.  This is the west side of the house you will be able to see the sunsets.

When I was selling cars it was easy to paint a positive picture.  You will find it lot easier to get the kids in and out of this mini-van.  Look how easy the back seat comes out if you have to put a bike or two in the back.  Your family likes to go camping?  This roof rack is designed so a car top carrier just clamps on and off.  You know when the kids have a little more room I think you will definitely find that they travel much better.

Paint your way to successful selling.  Next step: