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               Closer or Visitor?  Conclude the Sale with a Great Close!!

Was invited as a guest lecturer to a college sales class to speak about the structure of a sale.  The class itself was based on “Relationship Selling”.  It is always nice talking to college or high school business students because of the young enthusiasm.  We only had an hour to cover the topic so I broke it down to:      Establish a need
                                                                                                Handling questions and objections
                                                                                                Closing the deal

Because I had been a manufacturer’s rep. we were going to position the selling on the wholesale level, selling to a retailer  who would then sell to their customer.  The items I brought to sell were a Columbia Sportswear  Jacket and a new in the box portable toilet.
Wanted to have a little fun and we did, of course with the toilet we didn’t have any problem establishing a need and there was a certain amount of joking.  

When we arrived at closing the sale  I could tell from the comments and feedback they had not covered this in their class yet.  I emphasized two things that I had learned from sales trainers and always tried to put into use.  First if the customer has a true need plus the means to acquire your product and you go through the presentation and don’t close the sale you have just been a professional visitor.  Second it is your duty as a professional to assist your client in being as legitimately profitable as they can be.  Their livelihood depends on you to enhance and grow their business.  If your product can help them achieve this and you don’t close the deal you have done your account a huge disservice!!

After the business class was over I stayed to talk to some of the students and a junior came up to me and said he had really never looked at selling from the perspective I presented and thanked me for coming.  He went on to say it was the best lecture he had attended yet in school.  Whoa!  I did have fun and did show enthusiasm  but what a nice compliment.


Here's a cute example of handling objections:

Want to close more sales more often?  Do what I did learn from Brian Tracy!!

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