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Closing the Sale - Ask Closing Questions

Closing is the natural progression of the sale.  It follows the presentation and handling any objections.  Your product  or service may help them make more money, make their job easier and give them peace of mind.   If you don’t close the sale and your customer could truly use and afford your product you have done the customer a disservice.  You have just spent your time being a professional visitor.  I have my Uncle Jack to thank for setting me on the track for not only learning how and when to close the sale…  My Uncle Jack was the consummate  salesman.  Whenever we got together he would always take a few minutes to share with me something new he had learned about selling.

He gave me a box of old motivational tapes, what a box it turned out to be!!   This shoebox turned out to be a million dollar box.  It was filled with tapes from Fred Herman and J. Douglas Edwards and had quite a few tapes on closing the sale.  So what you see here is a  brief compilation of what I learned from Uncle Jack, Fred Herman, J. Douglas Edwards and years in the field closing sales.

You will close more sales more often when you ask a closing question.   Well yeah……!   It’s not that simple.  A great number of people are afraid to ask a closing question.  Prepare yourself with multiple closing questions.  Many times it takes a number of tries to close the deal and different situations call for different closes.   

What is a closing question?   Any question that will end the sale with a positive selling result.  

Examples:   Should we go ahead and write the order?
                    Do you want to take it?
                    Should we write the order to ship the goods in September?
                    Are you ready to make this purchase?
                    Should we ring it up?
                    Will this be cash or credit card?
                    When would you like me to ship the goods?

This comes from J. Douglas Edwards.  This is key to closing the deal.  This may be the most important thing you learn about closing the sale.   After you ask a closing question:   SHUT UP!!!  SHUT UP!!!  My version is:  WAIT!!  WAIT!!  WAIT!! and LISTEN!!!  Let the customer give you an answer. The answer will be either yes or no.  If it is yes the selling part is over.  If it is no, ask why, when they tell you the reason you have a opportunity to handle the objection and have another go at closing. 

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