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Catch Dave’s Excitement - Relationship Selling Sales Presentations With Enthusiasm

My friend Dave and I worked together in retail and again together for six years as manufacturer’s reps.  It was all pleasure working alongside Dave and watching and hearing him greet a customer.  It was if he had found his long lost relative and the best part he was genuinely sincere.   Dave always took time to find out how the customer and their family were doing all the time listening intently while making them feel comfortable and important.

How could I not pick up on his enthusiastic greeting.  I did and it made me a better rep.  This enthusiasm carried over into our sales presentations.  Not only were we excited to see our accounts but we were excited to show them what our new line looked like.  Every time before I made a sales presentation I would tell myself  “Remember this is the first time they are seeing it sell with enthusiasm”.     

The other thing that both of  us did more often than other reps. in our industry is we took our accounts out to dinner and lunch a fair amount.  If it was dinner most of the time we invited the spouse along.  At trade shows we often were accompanied by our wives so for the accounts to bring their spouse just made it a lot more personable and enjoyable.  Not only did this nurture the business relationship but also the personal relationship.  I’ve been out of repping for a number of years now but still have friends who used to be accounts.

Before your sales presentation remember to go through your mental checklist.  What products do I want to key in on.  What size order would be best and most of all "Be Enthusiastic and Excited about what you are helping the customer to buy!!!!"

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