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Decisions Decisions

Everyone has trouble making decisions at some point.  How we get through this dilemma varies but here are some thoughts that may help.

Set a desired deadline for making the decision and a carved in stone deadline for making the decision and stick to it.  Often times we are able to make the decision by the desired timeline.  If not we can fall back to the absolute deadline but not vary from that.

List out on paper the Pros and Cons but also Ramifications.  Make three columns:

                            Pros                              Cons                         Ramifications

The reason I put a column for Ramifications is to separately try to think of anything unforeseen that might happen based on the decision.  For me this is the most important column, I just don’t like getting blindsided unless it is good.

Sleep on it.  Often times if it is not too troublesome I meditate on the issue before I fall asleep at night.  I can’t tell you how many times the next day a solution pops into my head that I hadn’t considered.

Talk to a colleague.  A business associate, friend, wife/husband, parent or mentor may have some good advice.

One thing to keep in mind about decisions, if you end up making the wrong one you will know it and can change course for the better.


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