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This Christmas display is cute and creates interest.          Image courtesy of Pixabay.
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                                            Display Pays!!!

One of the benefits of Christmas that I really enjoy are the Holiday displays.  Whether it is a retailer with a great clothing display or a home owner using imagination with Christmas lights or big red bows on cars at auto dealerships it brings a smile to your face.

In the article “Can You Paint?”  I talked about buying our first house and how the interior  decorating colors were atrocious to the point of being hideous.  Luckily my wife and I could both see beyond the colors, liked the floor plan, location and neighborhood and ended up with a great house for a good price.  That house had been on the market for a long time because of the unappealing color scheme.

Properly executed displays can pay big dividends for your business.  Clothing displays can show the customer complete outfits so you are able to help them purchase multiple items that look great together.  Same holds true with furniture, it is not just a sofa, it is a whole room full of pieces that compliment each other.

Many customers can’t picture what items go well with each other so we have to show them.  I remember on my car lot I would have a vehicle that I just purchased at an auction on the back of the lot not ready for sale because it needed cleaning and some touch up.  Someone would ask about that type of vehicle and even though it wasn’t ready I would show it to them.  Didn’t work.  Most customers couldn’t imagine how an excellent detail job would make the vehicle look almost new.  I changed my plan to only showing it when it was ready, made a huge difference in their first impression and closing the sale.

Whatever you are selling figure out the best way to present it, it may be how the vehicle is positioned on the lot.  It may be other like items together like furniture or it may require getting it out of the box like cookware.

Pay attention to your displays and your displays will pay you!!!!