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                        Does No Mean No? - Increase Sales Dramatically

My sales career didn't take off until I learned to close the deal.  I want to add here that I never sold any of my accounts or customers anything they didn't have a need or desire

I was selling footwear and needed to get a broader dealer base and was in Chippewa Falls, WI one afternoon cold calling on hot prospects.  There was a very nice shoe store here that I had never done business with, in fact I had never met the manager.  So I took what we called a "Hot Bag"  in this case it was a small leather bag with a shoulder strap with one main compartment and a sleeve pocket on the outside for brochures.  I put three colors of our best selling piece in the bag, which was a style of clog (That tells you how long ago this was) but it certainly still applies to today.

I entered the store and was able to meet the manager George.  I told George who I was and what I was selling and handed him one of our nice colored brochures.  I asked if he had 3 minutes just to take a quick peek at what I had in the bag, George's reply was that he didn't have any more money to spend on additional product at that time.  First No.  So I said well I have a sample right here in the bag let me show you.  No I really can't was his response I don't want to add any more shoe lines.  Second No.  So I responded politely by asking him to keep the brochure and gave him one of my cards.  I turned took two steps towards the door while I was opening my bag, pulled out a sample clog turned back around toward George and said while holding the shoe out to him in one hand these are really comfortable and in the other hand I had a opening order already written up.  George here is a good opening order to get you started already sized and colored.  George looked at me started to grin and said, give me that, and approved  the order.


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