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For nineteen years I traveled as a manufacturer’s representative.  I spent a great deal of time in the car on the way to sales appointments, going to the office or going home.  Driving along I used to get what I thought were great ideas sometimes later they were still great and other times my staff let me know not so great but either way I needed to make note of them.  I always had a small handheld recorder next to me to take down my ideas.  I still carry it with me all the time, for a while I used my cell phone and sometimes I still use the phone but for me having the separate recorder works best.  Often times I put it on my night stand in case that flash of brilliance comes in the middle of the night.
I used to list tasks for my secretary on the recorder give her the recorder and she could take the list right off the recorder.  She liked this a lot because then she didn’t have to talk to me.  Just kidding!!!

Need to take an inventory and don't have a scanner?

I had a sales manager with me one time and we were going to help one of our dealers take inventory and write a fill in order around his current inventory.  As we were getting out of the car my sales manager said “Bring your recorder“.  When we got in the store we went to the sales floor my sales manager took the recorder and just read each item that was on the shelf into the recorder.  It was a lot quicker that writing it down.  We went to the stock room found an empty desk to work at and wrote down the inventory as it came off the recorder.  Wrote the fill in order and had it complete.  Try it, it really works slick!!


"Career Growth - Business Growth"