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Employee Delight- Motivation

Over the years I have been lucky to have some really great, responsible employees.  We always tried to treat them well and compensate them accordingly.  We had a four year stretch at our clothing store where we never had to hire an employee.  They all seemed to know they had a good job and continually increased their performance and grew the business sales  substantially.  We knew we were lucky to have such a wonderful crew.

We had been leasing one half of a building for the store and the owner of the building had his business in the other half.  The owner’s business was industrial related and they cleaned and repaired electric motors of all sizes.  After leasing for a number of years we were able to buy the building.  When we took over the other half it was dirty!  Grime had built up on the walls and ceiling for over fifteen years, the floor was greasy, not at all suitable for a clothing store.

I had a well known national cleaning company come in and give me a bid to clean that side of the building.  Whoa!!  There was some sticker shock!  To say I was taken aback at the price was an understatement.  Way, way more than I had anticipated.  

It was summer and I had two responsible teenagers working at the store that wanted more hours.  I decided to ask them if they would be interested in doing this job as a team.  Before I approached them I worked out a plan and set goals as to how to go about cleaning that side of the building.  I broke the building down into daily sections.  Each section taking about three or four hours for the two of them to clean.  When I approached the two of them I told them I would pay more per hour for this job and if they got it finished in the two weeks I had estimated it would take they would also get a bonus.  They were excited to have the opportunity to make that kind of money.  I was hoping the motivation would work.

I bought or rented the equipment necessary.  I spent time with the two teenagers explaining the plan, their daily goals  in detail and exactly what I expected to bring the job in on time.  I had been told by a relative that had been in the cleaning business for years that they would not complete the job.  Glad I didn’t listen to him, I knew the work ethic of these kids.  They got it completed on time with minimal supervision, got their bonus and the final results were impressive.

After figuring all the costs of labor, equipment and rental and due to the exemplary work of these two young adults we saved over half the bid of the cleaning company.  Needless to say their boss was Delighted!!



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