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Get It In Their Hands - Selling With Feeling - Business Sales

If you are selling a tangible product watch your sales soar once you get your product into the customer's hands.  Whether you are selling tools, clothes or puppies the customer wants to touch the product and they may not even know it.  For years I sold sports clothing as a manufacturer's rep. for Columbia Sportswear.  Before each presentation of our new line I determined which piece or pieces and colors would look best on this client.  During the presentation I would have them try it on, usually a jacket, if I didn't have their size I would hold it up to them and have them look in a mirror.  While they had the jacket on I would grab the pants that matched and draped it in front of them so they could see what a great combination it was and also show them any hats, gloves or scarves that would match.  Always I told the customers "We are not selling jackets" some of them would get a quizical look and I would add "We are selling outfits".  As salespeople we want to get the complete sale, any add ons are where we can really help our customers make added profit if selling at wholesale.  If selling at retail the accessories to an outfit are what set it off from looking good to looking great.  A retail customer only needs one person to tell them how great they look in their new outfit to reflect back positively on the sales person that helped them make the right purchase.


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"Career Development - Business Development"