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Get Out of Here!

Get Out of Here!  You Have To Go!  It’s summer do you have vacation plans?   Maybe you should.  The financially most successful salesperson I worked with used to make over seven figures in commissions per year.  That’s a lot!  One thing he did that was different from the rest of us is he took more time off.

If you refer to the page “OPEN-UP” you will see the N in the first  OPEN sequence stands for Nurture.  It is important to get away from the job and come back refreshed ready to tackle the world of work.  Take time to Nurture yourself.  Looking back at over 40 years of owning my own businesses one thing I am really glad I did was taking a family vacation every year.  Twice I made the mistake of being in touch with the office while I was on vacation.  After the second time I told my secretary “Joyce, I am on vacation you handle anything that comes up, you know the business you will make the right decisions” and she always did.

When I started out and my business really took off, it was exciting but it was too easy to get totally enveloped in the business, there are times you just have to get away.  In retrospect I wished I wouldn’t have worked quite so hard and enjoyed the journey a little more.  I am sure I would have made just as much if not more.  Today I work at a pace so I can really enjoy what I am doing.  I try to convey this to my clients.  You will accomplish a lot more if you take a break once in a while, daily, monthly, annually.
Get Out of Here!


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