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The Commissioner’s Ticket

It was Demolition Derby Night at the Goodhue County Fair in Zumbrota, MN.  Demolition Derby night at the fair is always busy.  I was there with my wife and grandson who was eleven at the time.  We got in the entrance line to the Demolition Derby, we had purchased our tickets that afternoon.  Right next to us was the line to purchase tickets.  In that line were Sandy and her son Jordan who was in the same class in school as my grandson.  The two boys were talking as the lines moved forward.  Sandy and Jordan were down to fourth in line when it was announced that they were sold out, no more tickets available for the Demo Derby.  “Oh that’s too bad” Sandy told Jordan but as people left the line Jordan said to Sandy “Mom I am going to get us tickets” and stayed in line.  People left in front of Jordan and when he got to the front he asked politely if they had just two tickets left for his mother and himself.  The ticket seller hesitated and said “Just a minute” and went to another ticket window, shortly he came back  and said “Here are the last two tickets, these were for a county commissioner and he called saying he couldn’t make it”.

Jordan was persistent and got his tickets.  I can remember selling on the road late in the afternoon and being tempted to call it a day and saying to myself just make one more sales call.  It was amazing how many times I struck pay dirt on that last call of the day.  I don’t know if I was closing harder on the last call or making a better presentation or just lucky.  So now when I know I should make one more call or spend just a little more time in the office I am going to think about Jordan.  I am going to get the Commissioner’s Ticket!!