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                                             Get Tracking

Went to a sales meeting in January one year in Seattle for a company I was a sales rep. for.  Got quite a surprise and earful when I heard the other reps complaining about the company’s poor shipping performance during our busy season August through November.  I had no idea the company had stumbled so badly.  Turns out they had only shipped 58% of the orders that had been booked in advance.  After that session I got on the phone back to my office and asked my secretary Joyce what our percentage was.  We had been shipped 92% of what we had booked in advance.  Then Joyce told me we had an additional 22% shipped on re-orders.

Thank-you Joyce!  The reason this happened was that we were diligent about tracking our orders.  We had a good system in place.  If we hadn’t received confirmation of shipment on an order within 10 days of the written ship date Joyce was on the phone.  Obviously this paid off big time when looking at the disparity of our shipments versus the other reps.  This difference amounted to almost $40,000 in commissions.

We would never have had that amount of re-orders if the original orders hadn’t been shipped and the customers had the opportunity to sell the merchandise.  The following year our rep. group also had the largest percentage increase in sales.

Whether on the wholesale side or the retail side of a business it is a lot easier to run the business with increasing sales.  Are you tracking your seasonal and/or daily sales?  If not “Get Tracking” it will more than pay for itself.


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