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                                Getting Out of the House - Sales Development

Initially our Manufacturer’s Rep. Sales Business was run out of the house.  First a little office in the basement then upstairs in a bedroom and then in the family room at the back of the house.  The family room had a separate entrance that made it convenient because we hired our first office manager while the office was still in the house.  There were many advantages to having the business office in the house.  My wife could work around the kids schedule, no travel to the job, tax benefits.

Eventually though I felt the motivation to move out of the house because we just couldn’t get away from the job.  My wife wasn’t so sure but agreed to work with our office manager Joyce and find a place.  They found an upstairs office space just two miles from the house and were able to get in initially on a month to month basis.  Within two months my wife told me she was really glad that we had moved out of the house.  At that point in our business sales growth it was good to separate it from our personal lives.

Two years later my friend Dave was moving his sales office out of the house and asked me for any suggestions.  The one thing I did tell Dave is find a place relatively close by.  You do find yourself going to the office to pick up something or check on something more often than you think.

Everyone’s situation is different but in these cases Getting Out of the House worked extremely well.   Business increased, sales grew, everybody was happy!