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                                            Give it Up!!- Management  -Outsourcing

More than once it happened that I would answer the phone in our office and I heard “I  don’t want to talk to you give me Joyce”.  Joyce was my office manager and even though the customer was half kidding, (I hope) they knew Joyce could probably track down their orders better than I could.

Are there task in your business that would be better handled by someone else on staff than you?  Freeing you up to do what you are best at.  Or are there areas where you should be outsourcing?  

Years ago at our clothing store my wife and I decided to hire a small, one person ad agency to handle our advertising, promotions and press releases.  We had been splitting these chores between us for years but both of us felt we were more efficient with other aspects of the business.  We knew this gal’s work and when she agreed to take on our account we were excited.  After the first month we knew we had made the correct decision.  She came in with new, fresh ideas and unbridled enthusiasm.  She took what we were doing, freshened it up and brought it to a higher level.  Her work broadened our customer base adding a demographic we hadn’t appealed to before while increasing our main core business.  We shouldn’t have been surprised, “She was a Pro”!

With delegating or outsourcing it is really important to be explicit about the goals, the time frame, budget and performance review.  Same basics as any other business project.  In our situation we were able to “Give it Up and Get More”.


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