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                                          Give Them the Benefit

When making a sales presentation or a presentation of any type if you are talking about features make sure to point out the benefits.  In our article                              we talked about how some people can’t picture a room decorated different unless you paint the picture for them.  The same holds true often when showing the feature of a product, many times the customers can’t picture or just don’t picture the benefit.  The benefits are what make the customer more comfortable, proud, relaxed and happy about making the purchase or decision.  Your success at relaying the benefits will help close more sales and make a more dynamic presentation.

Here  are a few examples.  “This car has dual climate control”.  That obviously is the feature so tag on the benefit.  “This car has dual climate control so the passenger can set their own comfort level.”  “This ski jacket has a waterproof coating.”  “This ski jacket has a waterproof coating so you will stay dry in any weather.”  “This vehicle comes with an  extended warranty.”  “This vehicle comes with an extended warranty so you’ll have peace of mind that all covered repairs will be taken care of for the next two years anywhere in the U.S.”  By adding the benefit it shows you care about the customer and how this product or service will work for them.  They start to see that it will fill their needs and desires and gets you closer to closing the sale.

So hone your presentation to include the features and benefits throw in an extra amount of enthusiasm and watch sales soar.