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                 The "Turtle Herd" gets ready to paddle out!

Preparation - Cooperation

                                                         Grandpa Goes Kayaking

               Training - Preparation - Delegation - Co-operation

A few weeks ago I took five of my grandkids kayaking and canoeing by myself, we had a great time.  They ranged in age from seven to seventeen.  Part of the reason it was so much fun is that everyone contributed to making the trip a success.

When we arrived at the boat launch I asked the two oldest boys, 12 and 17, to unload the four kayaks from the trailer and line them up on the side of the boat ramp.  The two ten year olds were given the job of assembling the paddles and placing the proper life jacket with each boat.  The seven year old and I were taking a canoe and she helped me load the canoe with some extra gear and strap the coolers into the canoe.

We were crossing an inland lake in the state park and it was a little windy so before we started I gave them three rules:

       1.  If I tell you to do something out on the water, don’t ask why just do as  you are                told because it is probably for your safety.      

        2.   HAVE FUN!!!

        3.   Don’t forget rule #1.

We made our way around the lake exploring the shoreline heading towards a remote campsite for lunch.  I was really surprised at how the seven year old actually paddled so well.  When we arrived at the remote campsite we were the only ones there which was great.  Originally I was going to make sandwiches for everyone but decided instead that they could make their own.  Turned out they thought that was great because I had purchased some sandwich meat that they normally don’t get at home and they all really liked it.  Of course the best part was when they each got their own little bag of cookies after lunch.  

That evening I was thinking about how everything had gone so smoothly and it reminded me of some business projects where we used what we called PDC.

                                              Preparation, Delegation, Co-operation

Many times I have worked with business owners who have trouble delegating work.  You have to give your employees a chance to perform.  When delegating let your employees know specifically what the task is, what result you expect and when you want it completed.  Give them the resources they need to accomplish the goal and let them have at it.  If it is a big project make sure to break it down into smaller segments or steps so it is not overwhelming.  If necessary set up a time line for the steps.  Sometimes they may approach it differently than you but we are looking for the end result and many times going about it in their manner plays to their strengths


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