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                                            Green to Start - Self Help - Motivation

When I look back at starting our Manufacturer’s Rep. Agency I was GREEN as could be, naive if you will.  What I did have was unbridled enthusiasm, a good work ethic (Perseverance) and the unwavering support of a loving wife.

I was stumbling along trying to grow the business from nothing and came across Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the grand daddy of self help books.  That was the beginning of studying self help methods and listening to motivational tapes.  Soon my bookshelves were full of Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar, Ken Blanchard and Wayne Dyer.  The front seat of my car was stacked with tapes from the above authors along with, Brian Tracy, Robert Shuller and Malcolm Forbes.  I was perusing the Nightingale-Conant catalog constantly and subscribed to getting new tapes/cds monthly.

Did it make a difference?  Immediately, I was more confident and closing more sales.  I would be listening in my car while driving between appointments.  I was enthused to make the next call because I knew I had something in one of my lines that would help my customers make more money.  It really was a mutually profitable relationship.

Now days there is a myriad of business information on  I just listened to a great piece by Tony Robbins the other night.  One of my favorites is still Brian Tracy he covers a lot of subjects and is down to earth with workable plans to succeed.

This worked for me, going from being GREEN to being in the BLACK with self help!!!


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