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When my wife and I owned a retail clothing store twice a month on Saturday mornings before the store opened we would have short 20 to 30 minute training sessions.  These were to teach the sales personnel not only about selling in general but about new products that had arrived, promotions and incentives.  To add to your small business growth, try this.

We also utilized the sales reps that called on us to give presentations about their products we were selling in our store.  This extra knowledge really helped our staff feel more comfortable selling and promoting items they had now become familiar with.

During my nineteen years as a manufacturer’s rep. I conducted over 1,200 sales training seminars for the dealers/stores selling the products I represented.  These ranged in length from 30 to 60 minutes and generally were held at the store before or after regular hours.  We covered sales techniques and presentation along with detailed features and benefits.  These retail sales people were already excited about our products but you could see the enthusiasm grow as they gained more product knowledge and learned how to present it to the customer in a comfortable manner.

We would incorporate role playing.  I would also give each person, or if it was a big group make them into teams give them one piece of clothing and tell them to get other items of our clothing line to make complete outfits.  This got them thinking about making  the complete sale and add on items.

It worked great and we all had fun.  Store sales grew and our employees skill set advanced!