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Grumpy Buys Trail Mix - Handling Sales Objections

I was a member of the Noon-time Kiwanis in our town and we were in the mist of our biggest fund raiser of the year.  I was assigned a list of businesses to call on to sell cases of Trail Mix.  It was a couple of weeks before Halloween.  Most of the business owners on the list I knew fairly well and just a phone call would get the commitment.  One of the accounts on my list was a local insurance agent who I knew but not very well just as an acquaintance.  

I stopped in his office one day late in the morning and he was free.  We said hi and I told him I was selling cases of Trail Mix for the local Kiwanis.  His reply was “I don’t need any Trail Mix”.  Fred this is for a good cause, the proceeds support programs at the high-school, 4H and it pays for the flower baskets on the city streets.  “I’m not buying anything to support the city anymore, haven’t you seen the editorials I’ve sent in to the paper?”  Fred you get to look out your office window and see those beautiful flower baskets everyday.  I knew he was just half serious and having fun giving me a hard time.  I also knew he wasn’t happy with the city for whatever reason.

I’m smiling to myself thinking okay I am not leaving until he buys.  “Fred, why don’t you want to buy a case of Trail Mix?  Can’t you afford it?”  I knew that would get him.  “Of course I can afford it”.  “Okay then, how about a case?”  Fred said “Okay give me a case”.  Then I said “You know Fred the programs we sponsor really have a positive effect on the kids.  The businesses in town that really care about the kids are buying two cases, can I count on you for two cases?”  Fred said “Tom give me two cases and get out of here!”  Thanks Fred.


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