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                                         He Ran Good - Management, Perception

I was helping the kids and grandkids move cattle from one building to the another.  Everything is fine until two head decide they are going on their own walk about.  Where were the dogs?  I guess they decided they were on vacation or on strike.  So I hustled, ran, over to herd the two back with the others.  No big deal they wanted to be with the herd anyway.

Later my daughter comes up to tell me what my 10 year old grand daughter Mary had to say.  Mary told her “Grandpa can really run good for being so old”.  Thank you Mary.  I didn’t think I was ready for the rocking chair quite yet.

I got to thinking about perception.  Mary’s initial perception was challenged after she worked with her grandpa.  So it is in business, sales and management.  I have had teenage employees who have been more responsible than their adult counterparts and elderly employees who have outperformed their younger peers.

Years ago I took a really great Scoutmaster training course.  One of the things they stressed in the course don’t pre-conceive what each scout can do.  If you have two 12 year scouts and one is significantly taller it is easy, almost automatic to think they will be more mature.  In reality not necessarily true.  Same in sales and business.


What is your perception of Walmart?  Look at this:

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