If you are a salesperson with a lot of samples or big samples a motorhome set up properly as a showroom can save a lot of labor and increase sales.                               Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

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            Customer Service - Above and Beyond Expectations

I had a motor home set up as an office/showroom for selling clothing while I was a sales representative for Columbia Sportswear.  It had over 35 feet of bar racks inside to hang  jackets and pants, special color corrected flourescent lights, special seating, it was nice.  I could drive up to the dealers door they would come in and we would get to work.  Plus they learned I always had their favorite cookies to snack on.  Getting the dealer out of the store for a sales presentation proved to be the way to go.  No phone ringing no distractions, we could concentrate on the new line, do a better job of putting their orders together and take less time.

I had purchased it used from a fellow sales representative who had it specially set up for this business purpose.  When I got it I did some renovations and repairs to it and a little body work.  Two years later I sold it back to him for the same price I bought it for originally.  When I figured out the depreciation and tax benefits I basically drove it for two years for $1,500.  The beauty of it was my sales went up dramatically because of being more efficient and being able to do better sales presentations.

On a Sunday evening in February one year I was driving west to east across Wisconsin for a week of appointments in the Wausau, WI area.  I pulled into a truck stop to fill up with diesel looked under the engine and saw antifreeze dripping.  Great it’s 8:30 pm on a Sunday and this is not looking good.  Went inside to pay for the fuel and asked the girl if they had a mechanic on duty and was told they had all gone for the evening.  Then she asked me what was wrong and I explained the situation.  She said “Oh Jimmy will fix it, he has the station down the road, I’ll call him at home and you can meet him there”.  Really?  She proceeded to call Jimmy and he said no problem.

Met Jimmy at the station and to my surprise he even had a bay the motor home would fit in.  He got to work and in 40 minutes I was good to go.  When I got the price of the repair I said “No” and paid him twice that amount.  He came in on Sunday evening and saved me from having to cancel the next days sales appointments.  I was booked so solid at that time of year I wouldn’t be able to re-book the sales appointments for at least a month.  Went back to the truck stop, the girl was still on duty, gave her a little spiff and was on my way.

I was really thankful to have met such nice people and try daily to show the same concern for people I deal with.

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