Kick up your shoes!!!  Enthusiasm sells, sells and sells!!!!
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                 Kick Up Your Shoes - Selling Excitement With Enthusiasm

Early on as a sales representative my schedule was not as intense in the summer as other times of the year.  This particular summer day I was up on a ladder painting the house when my six year old daughter came running around the house to find me.  She was kicking up her feet so high she almost fell over backwards while showing me her new shoes.  Huge smile on her face and contagious excitement about the shoes her mom had just purchased for her.  Now if we could add that excitement to a sales presentation!

I remember one time calling my wife from a sales meeting with that same kind of excitement.  The company I was representing had just shown us the new clothing line for the next season and it was good and I knew it was really good especially for our territory.  I got on the phone to share that excitement with my wife and remember telling her we are going to make a lot of money from this line and we did.  Sales increased one hundred per cent over the previous year.

It was easy to convey that excitement to my customers and like my daughter that excitement was contagious and showed in the huge increase in orders my accounts placed.  I recall one time while presenting the line one of my accounts said to me “Calm down Tom we know we are looking at something good here!”

In CareerTroopers.comOPEN - UP  training the E is for enthusiasm/excitement.  Show that enthusiasm in your sales presentation and get ready to make bigger bank deposits!!!   For more on enthusiasm check out:  



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