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           Let Customers Run Your Business - The Best  Consultants

Your customers will be more than willing to help you run your business.  All you have to do is listen.

While I was repping Columbia Sportswear many times my customers would tell me something they would like added to the line to compliment existing product.  Or changes that would make  product sales even better.  One March we were actually shipping the next fall ski jackets to the customers.  One of our major customers was astute enough at running their business to put some on his sales floor even though it was the end of the season.  He called our office emphatically telling us the new brightest colors were flying out the door.  This is five months before anyone expected to get a read on the jackets sales.  Right away this information was relayed to the factory so later production that would be for re-orders would be produced in these colors.  Re-orders that year sold out almost to the piece.

We originally opened our clothing store as a sideline to sell off my salesman‘s samples.  That didn’t work it took off and became bigger than we ever thought it would.  What a problem!  When we decided to expand the hours we questioned some regular customers and found out it would be more convenient for them if we were open an hour later than the stores downtown.  Many of the stores downtown were closing just as people got off from work.  We stayed open a little longer, caught the customers many times on their way home from work and saw that last hour of the day be the most profitable by far.

We were selling sports and outdoor clothing at the store and customers kept asking for camping equipment.  We added quality camping and hiking gear and did extremely well with it.  Customers were glad to give us an education in how to run our business.

Over the years people would ask me “How did you grow your store so fast?” or “How did you do so well as a rep.?”   My reply was “I don’t have to be very smart I just have to listen to the right customers.”  There is the key, you can’t be everything to everybody but if the customers suggestions go with your product mix chances are it will work.


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