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I could see it in their eyes and their expressions as they walked through the door and spotted the vehicle, this vehicle was sold.  When I went to the sales office to get the keys for a test drive I asked my wife to please write up the contracts.  Are you sure they haven’t driven it yet?  I’m sure they love it, we have a sale!!

A couple of days earlier the father had called the car lot asking about a Tracker we had advertised on the internet with low miles and pictures.  He explained to me the he and his son were coming to Red Wing, MN, the location of our car lot, from Sioux Falls, SD to go skiing.  If they took the bus could I pick them up about 40 miles away and bring them to Red Wing to see the Tracker.  Sure, so we set up the time to pick them up a couple of days later.

I had a building next to the car lot that had been remodeled inside but at the time just after 911 we could not find a tenant.  Seeing the building was right adjacent to the car lot we decided to display cars inside.  When we had remodeled we installed all new color corrected lighting using fluorescents and spot lights.  The inside was bright and cheerful with high ceilings.  When you put the cars in there they looked not only new but spectacular!

I had positioned the Tracker right inside the front door which was glass.  When I arrived at the lot with the father and son it was dark outside.  We had all the lights on inside the building with the Tracker positioned right in front of the door with spot lights on it and they could see the Tracker in all it’s glory.  They didn’t have a chance this deal was done!
Their comment was that it was even nicer than they expected.  They liked the way it drove and that it came with a warranty.

A month later I received a wonderful Thank-you note stating that they were really enjoying the vehicle, their ski trip had been great and they loved doing business with us.

From then on anytime a customer was picking up their car or had set up an appointment to look or test drive a car we had it inside.  They could look at it in comfort and it really enhanced their first impression.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of good lighting for display  no matter what you are selling.  We did the same lighting with our clothing store and even though it was in a warehouse type building customers were always commenting on how the product looked alive.  Equally important is the lighting and appearance from the outside.  It all leads to “Lighting Up Profits!!”

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