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List to Succeed- Organization

I always thought one of the most enjoyable aspects of being the owner/manager of a business was seeing the enthusiasm and optimism a new employee brought to their new job.  To keep that feeling alive for the employee is really important and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure they have the best opportunity to succeed.

One easy way to do this is to have a procedural list to follow.  This can help eliminate a lot of mistakes and omissions.  At our retail clothing store we used a checklist form for opening and closing the store.  It was simple, opening had about eight steps and closing about twelve.  The employee would check-off each step and when completed date and sign the form.

I  felt one the best procedural list we had was when we had the car lot we used a form for detailing the cars.  We hired high-school students for this job.  The work list for detailing a vehicle covered twenty two steps that were to be followed in sequence.  While training we would cover every element of how each step should be handled and the importance of following each step in sequence.  You don’t want to clean the dash and then vacuum the floor getting dust all over the dash again.  Once these students were trained properly the results were great.  I could go out to lot to show a car and know that it would look as good as possible for the customer.


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