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I knew Ray was deluged with orders to be written for the next season and a lot of deadlines were fast approaching.  Ray was an experienced buyer who had just started a new job with a Sporting Goods chain.  We had done business together at his previous employer and the results they had with my product line were excellent.  His new employer had three classifications for their stores based on size and volume.  I knew Ray had stepped into the hotbox and was worried about how he was going to find the time to write all the orders he needed prior to the deadlines for discounts and terms.

After showing Ray our new line for the upcoming season I presented him with pre-written orders for his stores.  I pre-wrote three different size orders based on their A, B and C classifications of  stores and three staggered shipments for each store to spread out their payments.  I showed Ray the total dollars being spent and how I had set up the payments and shipments.  I had worked with similar size operations so I had a pretty good idea of a starting inventory that would be successful for them.  Ray looked at the numbers asked me a couple of questions then told me how many A, B and C.  Then he gave me the purchase order numbers and asked me to get it into their system.  I got a very nice order and Ray was relieved to have that job out of the way.  Turns out I wrote their orders for many seasons to come.

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