Don't send your employees down that steep hill unprepared.  Photo compliments of Pixabay.

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                                        Mike, Slow Down!!!

Mike, Hold it!  Slow down!  Mike was showing me the website he had designed for our car lot.  Mike worked as the head of IT for a nice size international company and did us a favor in designing our website. He was excited to show me what he had done but was whipping through this so fast I couldn’t keep up.  Finally I said “Mike do you ski?” “No”.  “When you drive by the ski area south of town do you ever look at their steepest hill, Baldy?”  “Yes” was his answer.  “If I were to teach you to ski would I take you to the top of Baldy and say “Just turn on your way down and stop at the bottom?”   “I hope not!” “Well that is what you are doing to me buzzing through this website so fast.” “Oh”.  He understood exactly what I was saying.  He slowed down so I could really appreciate his work.  As it turned out our customers kept commenting on how easy it was to navigate compared to some of the larger dealerships at the time.  Mike was a pro at his job but there was no way I could keep up.

The same thing happens everyday in business when explaining a task to employees or assigning them a new job or system.  We may work with it everyday but it’s brand new to them.   So, Hold it! Slow down!  We have to take our time explaining how to do it and what we expect the result to be.  Then ask them to repeat it back or give them a checklist and ask if they have any questions.  Don’t send them down that steep hill unprepared.


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