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           Mom Gets Help - Boundaries, Parameters and Management

She was in her mid twenties, came up to me one evening and said  “Do you remember me?”  I had to reply that I did not remember her.  She went on to tell me how as a teenager she had come to our car lot with her mother and had been a “Brat”.  I remembered then, we were in my business office and her mom was going to buy her a car and she had said something nasty to her mother in front of me.  Immediately I firmly and politely said “You will not talk to your mother like that in front of me.  If you do that again I will refuse to sell you a car!”  She was taken back.  The mother was surprised and grateful that I had said something.  I did go on to explain that she was lucky her mom was here helping her get a car and in my words “Just because you turn 16 it is not your God given right that your parents have to buy you a car.  My parents never bought me a car.”

We got her into a car that was perfect for her and within her mom’s budget.  After the paper work for the sale was complete of course she was excited then she did go out of her way to say to me “Mr. Larson thank-you for straightening me out.”  That did catch me off guard a little, I guess I had an impact.

So here we are talking a few years later and she still remembered what I said to her.  She went on to explain how now she appreciates how hard her mom worked to raise her and get her a car.  She told me again how pleased she was in how I calmly handled her outburst.

It’s your place of business or your career.  You have to set parameters of what you will accept as proper behavior from your customers, co-workers or employees.