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My Dad’s Underwear - Persistence, Keep Selling

I had been trying to sell a brand of long underwear to a major department store chain for two years.  I was staying in touch with the buyer but he just wasn’t ready to commit.  Then I called again about 1:30 pm one day and he said “Yes Tom we better get it in here seeing I just went down the street on my lunch hour and bought a set at the running store because I am skiing in the Birkebeiner next weekend”.  Fortuitous timing indeed.

The following Christmas my wife and I were shopping in one of their stores with our two young daughters age 6 and 3 on a busy Sunday afternoon.  Walking down an aisle my daughters spotted prominently displayed, the underwear that their dad sells.  Right away almost in unison and at what seemed the top of their lungs “Dad, Dad there is your underwear!!!”  Then they went running up and down the aisle pointing and telling the other customers “That’s my dad’s underwear!!  That‘s my dad‘s underwear!!”  People were looking at me and I was laughing, shaking my head, I didn’t even try to explain.

Sometimes you have to wait for the market to come to you.  This buyer’s personal need got him my underwear!