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Nurture Two

Nurture continued on “OPEN UP” with N for “Nurture”.  Tuesday we briefly got started on nurturing ourselves physically, today how about touching on mentally?  Nurturing ourselves with a positive attitude, using self improvement to reach our goals or how about meditation to relieve stress?  I find it helpful everyday to go through the OPEN UP checklist.  Organization, Positive Attitude, Enthusiasm and Nurture.  Having been a salesman on the road for nineteen years I was able to get quite a collection of motivational tapes and CD’s.  Listening to these while driving between appointments really helped to keep me enthused and on track to better myself and my career.  Over the years I accumulated a nice library and part of getting ready to go out for the week included picking different tapes/CD’s to listen to for the week.  I would allot time to listen to tapes and turn off the phone so not to be interrupted.  Often times this was early in the morning or after business hours while I drove to the next town.  I know that listening to Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard and many others really gave my career a tremendous boost.  If you aren’t doing this, try it you can’t help but get overwhelming positive results.