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“OPEN UP”  Uses N for “Nurture”.  Nurture?  Absolutely, for personal growth it is important to Nurture yourself, your customers and your co-workers.  Are you taking care of yourself Mentally, Physically and Spiritually?  If you are it shows, if you aren’t it shows even more!  In order to perform your best, enjoy what you do and to be most productive you must first Nurture, (Take care of) yourself.  We all know this we just may not want to admit it or do it.

I have always been pretty good about getting enough sleep but where I slipped was in letting myself gain more weight than I should have (Chips and dip at night, oops).  Once I dropped the extra 24 lbs. I was carrying around I felt better, I was breathing better and my energy level went up dramatically.  I lost the same 10 lbs. many times but always gained it back, a common situation.  I went on the Medifast diet and lost 18 lbs. in 24 days and went on to lose an additional 6 lbs. over the next two and a half weeks.

Now when spring comes around and I want to be in shape for summer and need to drop the 6-8 lbs. I gained over the winter I  supplement my diet with some Medifast shakes over the next few weeks and get to where I want to be.  There are many good diet programs available but Medifast worked for me, being easy and straightforward to use. 


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