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                                                                 Omar the Husky Coughs

                                    Learn to Motivate - Learn to Compliment

One evening I was reading at the dining room table.  The family dog Omar, a 60 lb. male Husky was laying by the back door in the family room where it was cooler.  My son who was eight years old at the time passed through the dining room on his way to the family room.  Shortly I heard some rustling going on in the family room and Omar comes running out to the dining room, something just didn’t seem right.  I went to the family room and asked my son “What’s going on?”  His reply was “Omar was coughing so I gave him the Heimlich Maneuver”.  “What?”  How did this kid even know what the Heimlich Maneuver was yet alone do it on the dog.  We were lucky the dog was mellow with the kids, if someone else tried it on him it would have been messy.  So a little knowledge goes a long way but needs to be applied correctly.

Just like in business we may have the knowledge but it must be applied appropriately.  We know that it is important to have motivated employees and it is important to remember every employee may be motivated by something different.  The satisfaction of a job well done, money, gift rewards an enjoyable workplace can all motivate employees.  The one common denominator to employee motivation is recognition.  Often times too little praise is given in the workplace.  It is vitally important to compliment employees on a job well done.

Remember complimenting publicly is nice and good.  Correcting should only be done in private.


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