I am nurturing to myself, my co-workers and my customers!!

I am enthusiastic!!!

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Let me introduce you to CareerTroopers.com “Open Up” Sequential Training Program.
Open Up consists of three sequences of traits to improve your performance, productivity and life.  Below are the skills emphasized in sequence one.  These can be used as a  concise checklist to keep focused throughout the day.
O     Organization

P      Positive Attitude

E       Enthusiasm

N      Nurture

Start your day by saying “Am I organized?  Do I project a positive attitude?  Am I enthusiastic?  Am I nurturing (caring, encouraging) to myself, my co-workers and my customers?”  Visiting these affirmations during the day can make a world of difference to stay on track.

Tuesday we will talk about tips to stay organized.  In the mean time repeat these affirmations to start the work day, just after lunch and prior to your last two hours.



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