Today, Tomorrow, Later, Delegate/Never.

“Personal Development - Business Development”

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Organization Too....

Continuing on the organization theme.  I have always found it easier when I rate my priorities for the tasks.  I have been using the following four:  Today, Tomorrow, Later, Delegate/Never.   Then I prioritize Today with the most important right on top.  Without saying, everyone has to find what works best for themselves.  I keep my master list of all four categories in my computer then daily I pick out my “To Do for Today” and write it down.  I then have that on my desk and/or put it in my pocket.  There is a certain feeling of accomplishment however small or large when crossing items off the list, sometimes feels like little victories on big tasks or tasks that have to be finished but are not a lot of fun.

Bigger projects get broken down into smaller pieces that can be accomplished daily, that way it helps to not get overwhelmed.  Being specific rather than general really adds to the productivity also.  Good luck!!  Go for Little Victories on Big Tasks”!!!

"Personal Development - Business Development"