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Do you get accomplished during your work day as much as you had hoped?  Do any of us?  I am still baffled by how many people I run into during my travels who don’t have a “To Do” list for the day.  “Oh I have it in my head”.  No you don’t!  Get it on paper now!  Realistically write down what tasks you would like to get finished or started or continue working on today.  Prioritize from the top down the most important.  Next.... and this is a step a lot of people skip, next to each item write down the time you are going to work on that item.  The time you are going to start and the time you are moving to the next item.  Be disciplined, at first staying within the time frame may be difficult but after a few days you will allow more time for certain projects and finish others sooner.  Do whatever it takes to stay on task.  I have a hard time staying focused so I close my office door.  Often times if I had a deadline to meet I would have my secretary hold my calls and I had set time later in the day to return those calls.

Delegate, many times I didn’t have to return phone calls because my secretary took care of it.  I traveled most of my career, early on I told my secretary I really don’t want to come home to a stack on my desk to take care of.  You make a decision of how to take care of any issues that you feel don't need me and ninety per cent of the time you will be correct and I’ll have to live with the other ten per cent.  I was extremely fortunate because over the years 99.99 per cent of the time I was most satisfied with the decision that had been made and in many cases were handled better than if I made the decision. 



"Career Development - Business Development"