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I have been observing lately as I have been out and about the lack of courtesy words used.  The number of times I have heard “I need” “I want” “Get me” with never a thought about adding please to the request is sickening.  I can really sympathize with retail sales persons and servers.  I guess what makes me so cognizant about these words is I drilled them into my kids for twenty years.  Now I try to be religious about saying Please and Thank-you.  Once in a while I get so focused I may not forget Please and Thank-you but my tone is not very friendly, so luckily I have my wife to thank for keeping me in line on this one.  Being polite and cheerful has it’s rewards.  It makes it more pleasant for everyone, can help your business because people would rather work with someone who displays a happy demeanor and often times calms a stressful situation.