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Walmart Pleasant Surprise - Customer Service

I stopped in Walmart South in Rochester, MN after midnight recently on my way home from a presentation.  I wanted to pick up a packet of glue used to attach a rear view mirror to the windshield.  (My hobby is working on cars).  Look as I might I couldn’t find it, as I was leaving the Walmart  automotive department a sales person from a different department was kind  enough to ask if I needed assistance.  Together we looked and couldn’t find it, I told him that was okay I would get it another time and that I was going to get a few things in the grocery department.

I got the groceries I needed and headed to the checkout, this was at least ten minutes later.  There waiting for me at the checkout was the salesperson who helped me in automotive with the packet of glue.  Talk about pleasantly surprised!  I thanked him profusely.

When I first told him what I was looking for he wasn’t even familiar with that product, and again he didn’t work in that department.  For him to show up at the checkout really demonstrated initiative and persistence.


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