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Polite Tone

In the p-O-lite article I just touched on using a friendly tone of voice.  Sometimes I catch myself lacking in this area and my wife is good at putting me back on track.  Oh the joys of marriage!  Of course you are right honey!

When I was in the used car business periodically I would refer one of my customers to one of two insurance agents in town.  I noticed that one agent seemed to be completing the deals more often than the other.  He was also the agent that always called and thanked me for the referral and was generally very upbeat.   I eventually started calling him the "Bull Dog" because customers would tell me they were having trouble getting insurance but after going to him they had a policy.   I had met the other agent through a service group we were members of in town.  I had never directly bought insurance from him.  He never called to thank me and when I would call to tell him I was sending someone his way his tone was more like it was an inconvenience than an opportunity.  It only took a couple of months of trying to use the second agent before I discontinued that.

I do know that the first agent has retained a number of customers that started with him through my referral for over fifteen years.  What a difference tone  makes! 


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