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Positive Attitude Two

In our article “Your Positive Attitude” I used the quote “We all control our own outlook on life and our outlook on the experiences we encounter”.  Along with this I use the saying “I am going to have a great day and I refuse to let anyone goof it up for me!”  When I started years ago carrying those thoughts with me during my day I really started having many more good days.  It seems that even the days that could go bad get turned into positive learning experiences.  Being a firm believer in positive affirmations telling myself throughout the day  “I am going to have a great day and I refuse to let anyone goof it up for me”  is like putting up a shield against the turmoils that could develop.  If something negative does occur using these affirmations puts the occurrence behind me so I can move forward and find myself not dwelling on it like I used to do.  The day goes much smoother, it contributes to our “Personal Development”  and makes it much easier to look forward to future good days.


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