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                          Pretty Close -  Grow Sales Increase Production

Okay you have made your sales presentation  and there you are thinking should I ask a closing question?  Yes you should!   You are pretty close to closing the deal.  If you aren’t sure then use a trial close, it is a softer way to close the deal.  I goes like this.  I have just done a presentation on a ski parka to the customer we narrowed it down to what I think is what they want and need for their upcoming trip.  During the presentation I also showed them the wind pants that go with the parka.  The trial close is  “Would you like the navy pants or the blacks pants to go with your parka“?  If they tell me their choice of color they have committed to the sale.  At that point I am completing the outfit by finding out if they need the hat and gloves that match, followed by “Let’s go write it up”, the close.

Being prepared for the sale you know your trial closes for the item or service you are selling.  Generally when using a trial close we are giving them a choice.  With used cars for instance  “This car comes with a 3 month 3,000 mile warranty would you like to extend to 6 or 12 months?”  In real estate if they are looking at a house for the second or third time or have brought someone with them to look it’s time for “When would you like to move into this house, August 1st or Sept. 1st”?  If they give you a date obviously what’s next is “Let’s write a purchase agreement for that date”.

The famous sales trainer J. Douglas Edwards would say the real way to learn to close a sale is by “Closing too soon, too often”.

Remember in business when the deal gets closed it is in most cases a relief for the customer.  You can see when they have finally made the decision they are glad it has come to a conclusion.  Almost instantly they become more relaxed.  You as a professional have helped them procure what they wanted or needed.

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