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                                                Resources - Starting a New Business

Years ago long before the internet I was starting a new business in Denver.  I went to city hall and The City of Denver provided me with a nice comprehensive check list of how to start a business in Denver, CO.  Included was a list of what was required, how to apply for a sales tax permit, how to check the zoning, sign ordinances anything needed to start a business and comply with city and state regulations.

Now days I feel it is easier than most people think to start a business especially with all the resources available on the internet.  I’ve referred to the Small Business Administration site                   many times and found it most helpful.  If you are thinking about starting your own business you might want to check out an article that appeared on the SBA site not long ago                                                              .    Utilize what’s available on this site you paid for it.  They also  have  an excellent  template  for writing  a                               with spreadsheets included for:  
                                                            *  Profit and Loss Statement

                                                            *  Cash Flow

                                                            *  Balance Sheet

Your Business Plan on an easily accessible spreadsheet is the only way to go.  

Talk about a great resource check out Brian Tracy's "21 Great Ways to Start and Build Your Own Successful Business" and


Resources - Starting a New Business
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