Riding in a Lincoln - Management

Twenty five years ago I was in Florida for our annual fishing trip with a group of salesmen, most of whom were definitely career type A’s.  Myself and two of my sales associates rented a Lincoln Town Car and were on our way to a condo.  That car had a trunk big enough to live in.  They were in the  front seat and I was alone in the backseat, seemed like sitting in my living room.  We kept getting behind slow drivers.  It’s Florida, it’s loaded with retired people they don’t have any motivation to be in a hurry.  My two buddies in the front, Dave and Bob kept getting increasingly frustrated with other drivers.  Dave and Bob start ranting and raving about the other drivers, and I said “Relax the fish will still be there”.  Not the thing to say I guess.  Those two then kicked it into high gear, the ranting and raving.  Finally I said to Dave “You know that could be your mother up there” and he snaps back at me “I told her she shouldn’t be driving”.  I became unusually quite and after a few minutes Bob says to me “Tom, why are you so quiet?”  My reply was “I am praying for you two”.  That irritated them even more.  I was laughing.

That drive like business uncovers frustrations.  The company didn’t ship on time, someone doesn’t follow up like they said they would, incompetence.  Not only reacting to the dilemma but how we react  can determine outcomes in the future.  If someone doesn’t do what they said they would, bring it to their attention in a polite, business like manner.  Listen to what they have to say and ask them for a solution.  If the solution is satisfactory, great!  If not offer your own solution in a constructive way.  Good management consists of:                        See everything
                                                           Correct a little
                                                           Overlook a lot



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