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Sell by Asking Questions

If you really want to help your customer through the sales process do your sales presentation by asking questions.  This is a great way to narrow down the process to exactly what the customer wants and needs.  When selling cars I had a set series of questions I would use, for example.  What type of vehicle are you looking for, a car, a truck, a mini-van?  Will you be using this vehicle for work or personal use?  How many people do you need to carry?  How much do you want to spend or how much does your monthly payment need to be?  Do you have a car or truck you want to trade in?  Always take time to listen to each answer to zero in on what will work best for each customer.  Then I would pick out two or three vehicles on the lot that would best fit the customer’s criteria.  By listening to the customer and focusing on just a few cars that fit their needs it will generally help to streamline the process.

Customize the questions  you ask based on what you are selling.  Other examples for instance if you are selling jackets.  What type of jacket are you looking for, something for dress, something casual or something to go skiing with?  Would you like a longer jacket or a waist length jacket?  Do you have a particular color in mind?  How much would you like to spend?  In any case don’t be afraid to present something that may cost slightly more along with items in the range they mentioned.

Try adding other items in addition to what they need.  Here is a hat that matches this jacket.  You know we have a great price on an extended service contract.  It is important to get the complete sale for the customer and you company.


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"Sales Growth - Business Growth"