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As I mentioned in my article                                        my Uncle Jack got me going on listening to motivational tapes on business and am I ever glad he did.  Talk about motivation to increase sales what an education.    For over 37 years now I have been receiving tapes, well now they are CD’s in the mail and listening to them in the car.  It is truly great that of the 100’s I have purchased there always is some new advice, different and positive to take away.  This morning I just read the following:

If you are starting your own business, run a business or want to grow your business you should check out this report it is only eleven pages and is a quick read.  Brian Tracy covers the basic fundamentals in this report but even if you are experienced in running a business it can be used as a short refresher or checklist to stay on course.  I like the way Brian lays out his “Four Strategic Marketing Principles”.